Raksha Bandhan is the most popular festival which is celebrated by the relationship of brother and sister not necessary for blood relationship you can celebrate this festival with who you feel like your sister or your brother. The un removable bond already formed by the god but this relationship will be more strengthened at the day of Raksha bandhan in a way of rakhi thread this rakhi thread ties around the wrist of her brother and this represents the symbol of relationship, affection, love between brother and sister.

Rakhi is look like very simple and very tradition but it is fill up with full of emotions, feelings, sentiments, enjoyment, love not a single word to express rakhi festival, we don’t know what happened to inside but feel very happy in that day. The Raksha Bandhan is a real festival to create happiness to the brother and sister along with whole family.


This Raksha Bandhan celebrated on every year in the month of August, the day of Shravan Purnami in August allotted as Raksha Bandhan.

How to celebrate?

  • At early morning on the wake up of Raksha Bandhan day everyone in the family should wares the new cloths after completing head bath.
  • Sister will start the pray to god at morning and after completing puja sister give arti to her brother.
  • Brother gives heart full greetings to his sister for happiness and also do promise to her for protection wise financially as well as healthy.
  • Sister ties a rakhi thread to on her brother right hand wrist along with sweet will exchanged in between.
  • And finally they exchange the rakhi gifts for bonding their relation with more strong. Actually the rakhi gift ideas for brother and rakhi gift ideas for sister in mind are different, but any type of rakhi gift should strengthen their relation.

 Rakhi gift ideas for brother:

The ideas when selecting rakhi gift to his sister need to create long time happiness to sister, if you are giving like dresses, wallet and watch etc they will give temporary happiness not creating long time happiness so you should give the gifts like financial protection and health protection. Think in a smarter way when selecting gift and try to make that day to most memorable to your sister.

Rakhi gift ideas for sister:

To select the rakhi gift to brother you need to follow the brother mentality and you should find that anything he try to buy from long time. If you give more surprise to your brother in a gift way then you will have more lovable one by your brother. Don’t repeat the previous gifts and surprise try to make new and think smarter way, of course  there is no need to tell the shopping tips to ladies they are special experts in shopping.

So like that the brother and sister celebrate rakhi festival in India along with family and make his or her relations more strong by celebrating this beautiful festival.


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