Importance of the Rakhi festival and the brother-sister bond

Raksha bandhan is a festival for symbol representing the relationship between sister and brother. Generally raksha bandan is a hindu festival but at present all the Indians will participate during this Raksha Bandhan all over the world. Raksha Bandhan celebrates the relationship of brother and sister and it will increase that relationship or love more by Raksha Bandhan.

If you can observe the word Raksha Bandhan then you can get two parts in it one is Raksha and another is Bandhan. Raksha means protection and Bandhan (Rakhi: the Thread of love) is the type of thread filled with love between the brother and sister.

The main importance of Raksha Bandhan is to maintain their relations and express their feelings. For to get confidence to his sister for protection, she can do anything but at any instant her needs only protection from financially and for healthy way the brother only give that guarantee and make her to happy , this confidence will ensure through Rakhi : the thread of love by brother to sister. That’s why this day is more special day for sister and brother also.

On the day of raksha bandhan, whole family will wake up early and wear new cloths after finishing head bath. Total family went to temple and prays to the god, the sister will tie the rakhi: the thread of love to the brother right hand side wrist. And the brother will give well blessing to his sister, and exchange the sweets and the rakhi gifts are exchanged by brother and sister this represents the symbol of love.

At the time of raksha bandhan family members get to gathers, dances, shopping, enjoyed by music and tasty foods these will give more enjoyable by family members as well as siblings this is the really mean of importance of Raksha Bandhan.

The rakhi gifts also most important thing to decide raksha bandhan day makes beautiful or upset. When buying Rakhi gifts to brother or sister it will necessary to take the care points, don’t repeat the previous gifts maximum try to buy new gifts and mostly buy the gift in a surprising way if you buy gifts like above manner then definitely the raksha Bandhan day is most memorable for you and your family.

Raksha Bandhan festival naturally started by the north and north-west side but this is the one of the biggest festival for all Indians across the world and mostly for brother and sister. History said that the Raksha bandhan comes previously from the different stories, the most familiar stories are by Karnavati, Humayum and Krishna, droupadi also we have different stories. But in any story the importance of Raksha Bandhan is to improve or prove the love between brother and sister.

So we proudly said that the raksha bandhan is a best and most popular festival in India and give more happiness to siblings and also to whole family so everyone must enjoy this festival with full of joy.

Happy Rakhshabhandhan 2016..!


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