Raksha Bandhan is a day to Celebrate the most lovable & Unconditional relation of a brother and a sister

We all well know and proved India is most sentimental country compared to the other countries, yes India is a sentimental country because here there is a emotions, love, feelings to the people these will improve the humanity in a person or in a country. We will proudly say that India has a number one position for giving values to the relationship. If you want to prove this then simply show are known about the how to do festival of Raksha Bandhan and why we are celebrating it, here I will give the idea or information regarding the celebration of Raksha bandhan.

Raksha Bandhan is a festival to celebrate the world best relationship after mother is a sister and brother. In between these two there is one type of bonding like a magnetic attraction given by god we don’t have any word to express this relation maybe that’s why we call an unconditional relation of a brother and a sister. We definitely need to celebrate this lovable relationship in most memorable way.


Before coming this festival brother and sister start to think how to celebrate the festival. In brother mind which type of gift given to the sister and how to give the beautiful Raksha Bandhan greetings to sister like that he think. And in Sister thought that when I go to shopping and which type of Raksha Bandhan gift for brother want to take like that her feels, these all feelings really very memorable but one thing the Raksha Bandhan is not only for sister and brother relationship, it is the feeling you can celebrate with anyone who you feel he is your brother or who you feel she is your sister.

Where the distance between the sister and brother they will feel very deeply but the relationship will be increased double by celebrating Raksha bandhan. The beautiful Raksha Bandhan greetings can be sent by the brother and sister by mail or sms or internet messages. And the sister will send the Raksha bandhan gift for brother by making different shops for new dresses and different rakhi gifts.

Raksha Bandhan celebrated in a most traditional manner, on the day of festival everyone in family ware the new clothes. And after completion of blessings of god, the sister gives arti to brother and brother give heart full blessings to sister and he promise to take care of her and at any circumstances he don’t live his sister. And sister will give the sweet to the brother heartedly and finally whole family enjoyed that day in a memorable way by making tasty foods, get to gathers, enjoy by music and depending on family they will enjoy.

Like that we will celebrate this festival and we will increase our relationship double, triple or countless we can’t calculate the relationship between sister and brother. By celebrating raksha bandhan we can express our feelings and emotions and live happily with beautiful family.


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