Raksha Bandhan the Indian Festival

In India we celebrate the festivals with together of whole family members and if there any relatives the raksha bandhan also the same type of festival but it is filled with the affection and feelings these will give the information regarding the relationship between sister and brother. The raksha bandhan is celebrated with full of care, love and affection.

It is not an ordinary festival in raksha bandhan we are having celebrations, dance and music, gatherings, and have exchange of sweets and gifts. The raksha bandhan is the Indian festival which is initially start from the western and North region but now the world will try to follow this festival because of emotions, feelings and enjoyment in this raksha bandhan festival.


On the festival day sister prepares the rakhi thread and sweets and the whole family should be ware with new clothes. After praying the god the sister ties rakhi to his brother and he will give the blessings for happiness. And brother should be promise to his sister for standing behind the sister through all time.

The most attractive part in celebration of raksha bandhan is gift exchanging. In raksha bandhan celebrations the most difficult task is choosing the right or perfect gift to brother or sister you need to follow some tips for selecting rakhi gift for more memorable celebrations of raksha bandhan.

Tips for selecting rakhi gift:

  • Before selecting gift you have to clear idea about the style of your brother or your sister.
  • Before buying to gift you have to find either he or she are wait a long time for any gift or he or she want anything from long time onwards.
  • Don’t repeat the rakhi gift from previous gifts
  • Think in an innovative and creative manner.
  • He or she need to be surprised by looking your gift.
  • Avoid last minute shopping for choosing gift.

In raksha bandhan you need to give gifts your sister deserves means you need to provide financial protection and healthy protection to our sister.  The things you buy like watch, dress etc which make happy temporary they can’t provide long term happiness so here we inform four gifts your sister deserves.

  • Ensure her wishes get fulfilled
  • Ensure her financially independent
  • Gift for financial advisor
  • Ensure her financially secured

By giving these gifts to your sister then we promise to say that your sister feels like very lucky and feel happier for you are a brother to her. So give the long term happiness to your sister and enjoy the day with full of joy in dance, singing and gathering with relatives.

So this is how the way we celebrate raksha bandhan in India, actually in India we have different names of raksha bandhan in different places but the celebrating ways are same and feelings are same. so finally celebrate the festival with full of happiness and make the life beautiful and by this festival in India the relationship will be doubled.


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