Who celebrates Raksha Bandhan?

Raksha bandhan is a familiar festival of hindu not only for hindu every brother and sister in India can be celebrated by this festival, there is not only siblings celebrate the raksha bandhan festival this festival is for to express the feel or love between friends like siblings also.  Actually in India we have different types of Rakhis for celebrating the raksha bandhan with different relations we will discuss later.

Raksha Bandhan is the sentimental touch to sister and brother their love express in the form of rakhi and different types of rakhi gifts. And this festival is celebrated in a more traditional way in India, all family members went to temple on the day of raksha bandhan and prays to god. Everyone maintain their dresses in color full way.

The Raksha Bandhan is celebrated with sister, sister in law, more friends like siblings and less like friends and celebrated by everyone when you feel she is a sister. For celebrating the raksha bandhan greetings can be sent by the raksha bandhan messages to your friends and these raksha bandhan messages special offers are given by the government.

Now all Indians eagerly wait for Raksha bandhan 2016 to celebrate memorably with beautiful gifts and best greetings by either raksha bandhan messages, or emails or social networks. I think raksha bandhan 2016 will goes to rack with full celebrations with sister and brother in a color full way.

The sister and brother already start shopping for the gifts to make raksha bandhan 2016 most beautiful and all shops are filled with different types of rakhi gifts and for who the sister and brother are separated from the distance then they will also started to make the Rakhis, gifts and greetings.

For different kinds of relation we get the corresponding type of rakhi in market they will give below.

  • Buy Bhaiya Bhabi Rakhi for who are not having sister and consider wife sister as sister.
  • Kids Rakhi is for the little brother watching cartoon
  • Lumba Rakhi for who have sister in law
  • Designer Rakhi is worn as an accessory
  • Gold or silver Rakhi is a type of Rakhi which is permanently fixed
  • Thread Rakhi is a simple and most famous rakhi
  • Rakhis and different gifts for USA
  • Rakhis and gifts for your brother throughout the world

These are all different types of Rakhis depending on the relation and situation we select the rakhi and make the raksha bandhan celebrated in a blast way. if your brother living in USA then don’t worry we have different ways to celebrate the raksha bandhan in that situation, we have different types of Rakhis make for USA and have different ways to sent the greetings and rakhi to your brother and they bless from that place only.

So in India Everyone celebrate the raksha bandhan in a most memorable way with family and the most lovable relation between sister and brother can be increased or strengthened by this festival.

Happy Rakhshabhandhan 2016..!


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