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Who celebrates Raksha Bandhan?

Raksha bandhan is a familiar festival of hindu not only for hindu every brother and sister in India can be celebrated by this festival, there is not only siblings celebrate the raksha bandhan festival this festival is for to express the feel or love between friends like siblings also.  Actually in India we have different types of Rakhis for celebrating the raksha bandhan with different relations we will discuss later.

Raksha Bandhan is the sentimental touch to sister and brother their love express in the form of rakhi and different types of rakhi gifts. And this festival is celebrated in a more traditional way in India, all family members went to temple on the day of raksha bandhan and prays to god. Everyone maintain their dresses in color full way.

The Raksha Bandhan is celebrated with sister, sister in law, more friends like siblings and less like friends and celebrated by everyone when you feel she is a sister. For celebrating the raksha bandhan greetings can be sent by the raksha bandhan messages to your friends and these raksha bandhan messages special offers are given by the government.

Now all Indians eagerly wait for Raksha bandhan 2016 to celebrate memorably with beautiful gifts and best greetings by either raksha bandhan messages, or emails or social networks. I think raksha bandhan 2016 will goes to rack with full celebrations with sister and brother in a color full way.

The sister and brother already start shopping for the gifts to make raksha bandhan 2016 most beautiful and all shops are filled with different types of rakhi gifts and for who the sister and brother are separated from the distance then they will also started to make the Rakhis, gifts and greetings.

For different kinds of relation we get the corresponding type of rakhi in market they will give below.

  • Buy Bhaiya Bhabi Rakhi for who are not having sister and consider wife sister as sister.
  • Kids Rakhi is for the little brother watching cartoon
  • Lumba Rakhi for who have sister in law
  • Designer Rakhi is worn as an accessory
  • Gold or silver Rakhi is a type of Rakhi which is permanently fixed
  • Thread Rakhi is a simple and most famous rakhi
  • Rakhis and different gifts for USA
  • Rakhis and gifts for your brother throughout the world

These are all different types of Rakhis depending on the relation and situation we select the rakhi and make the raksha bandhan celebrated in a blast way. if your brother living in USA then don’t worry we have different ways to celebrate the raksha bandhan in that situation, we have different types of Rakhis make for USA and have different ways to sent the greetings and rakhi to your brother and they bless from that place only.

So in India Everyone celebrate the raksha bandhan in a most memorable way with family and the most lovable relation between sister and brother can be increased or strengthened by this festival.

Happy Rakhshabhandhan 2016..!


Hello guys… Raksha Bandhan is the most awaited festival of the year for each and every girl. It is an occasion to celebrate the sacred and unconditional relation between a brother and a sister. Here, we are discussing about the Traditions and Customs of Rakhi. So exiting!!!!!! Let’s begin

Raksha Bandhan

Raksha Bandhan is also called Rakhi Purnima or Rakhi. On Raksha Bandhan, sisters tie a Rakhi on her brother’s wrist. This symbolizes the sisters love and prayers for her brothers well-bring and the brothers lifelong vow to protect her. The festival falls on the full moon day of the shravana month of the Hindu lunisolar Nepali calendar.

Traditions and Customs

Raksha Bandhan festival is the sister ties Rakhi on the wrist of her brother and both cementing their fraternal relationship. The sister ties a delicate sometimes decorated thread on the wrist of their brother’s as a symbol of love and affection. In returns, the brothers ritually pledge to protect and careful of his sister under all circumstances. It is one of the several festivals in which family ties are affirmed in India.

Rakhi Traditions and Customs

Rituals of Rakhi Festival

On the day starts with a Raksha Bandhan festival mood in every Indian home. Sister are made or bought a Rakhi day before in the festival. That day, an early bath, the offering worshipping of god tales places. Traditional goodies and dishes are prepared well of early in the morning.

After that, sisters tie the Rakhi on the right wrist of her brother and both to make prayer to god for all blessing of each other. The chanting of a holy mantra by the sister while trying the thread says,

“Suraj Shakhan Chhodian, Mooli chhodia beej

Behen ne Rakhi bandhi/ Bhai tu chir jug jee”.

Which means?

“The sun radiates it’s a sunlight, the radish spreads its seeds,

I tie the Rakhi to you O brother and wish that may you lifelong”.

Sister performs Aarti and put Tilak on the forehead of her brother blesses the sister.

Aarti and Tilak plate of Raksha Bandhan

After her prayer for a long time period for her brother, she says that she is tie the ever-protective Raksha to her brothers wrist and chanting the Raksha Bandhan love song

“Yena Baddho Bhalee Raajaa Daanavendro Mahaabalah,

Tena Twaam Anubadhnaami Rakshe Maa Chala Maa Chala”.

Which means?

“I tie the Rakhi that was tied to king Bali, the king of Demons,

O Rakhi I pray that you never falter in protecting your devotee”.

The brother gives his sisters gifts such as Raksha Bandhan cards, clothes, money or something thoughtful. The brothers may also feed his sister, with his hands, one or more bites of sweets, dry fruits and other delicacies. They hug and the larger families ritually congratulate the festive celebration of brother-sister love and protection.

After that, the traditional of giving gifts and presents is also important part of the festival. Brother pampers and blesses the sisters and promise to protect her from all the evils of this world. He also presents a token of his love and affection as a Rakhi gift. The rituals performed on Raksha Bandhan may differ from place to place but they carry the same aura throughout the globe.

The brothers wear the Rakhi for the entire day, at school or work, as a reminder of their sisters and to mark the festival of Raksha Bandhan.

Happy Rakshabandhan 2016

Rakhi or Raksha Bhandhan in History

As all Indian traditional festivals, the festival of Rakhi is related with many stories. Few interesting stories were discussed in this article which was not heard till now. Let’s have a look on it!!!!!

We will be very craze to know good epic story especially on festivals, will read them very excitingly isn’t it? So, why wait let us know about history and mythology of Raksha Bhandhan so that you can tell to your friends, kinds and relative why we celebrate Rakhi.

“Raksha Bandhan” is a Hindu traditional festival which was beginning about 6000 years back from the Indus Valley Civilization created by Aryans with various culture and language. Rakhi is celebrated in different methods from place to place all over the India.

Lets us know about historical facts of Raksha Bandhan celebration from the Indian history and it can be highlighted with Raksha Bandhan pics, so let’s begin……

Lord Krishna and Draupadi

The story of Lord Krishna and Draupadi – a wife of five pandavas was very popular in our Hindu Mythology

As to protect good people, Lord Krishna fighted and killed evil king called Shishupal during the war Krishna was hurt and was left with bleeding finger by seeing this, Draupathi has tear a piece of cloth from her sari and tied it to the Krishna around his wrist, by seeing this affection Lord Krishna decided himself enclosed by her sister love and he promised her to protect her when she is in sorrow.

Later after many years, when pandavas lost their game in dices and when situation come to remove Draupathi sari at that time lord Krishna helped her with divinely elongating the sari and protect her  in Dritarashtra’s court

King Bali and Goddess Lakshmi:

The Mahabali the king of demons was great devotee of Lord Vishnu; Lord Vishnu impressed with enormous devotion of Bali and takes the mission of protecting Bali’s kingdom by leaving his place from Vikuntam with this Goddess Lakshmi – the wife of Lord Vishnu, was very sad and went to the bali and confer as Brahmin woman and take decline in his kingdom.

On the Shravana purnima, Goddess Lakshmi tied Rakhi on the wrist of Bali and she will  revel who she is and why she came here with this the King bali was touched by her and with Lord Vishnu the affection and conserved shown on him and his family, he request Lord Vishnu to go with her to Vikuntam. From that day, it became ritual to invite sisters on sravan pournima and to tie sacred thread of Rakhi.

Alexander and king Puru

The story of Raki behind king Puru and Alexander is as follows

According to the oldest situation of the Rakhi festival when takes back to the 300 B.C at the when Alexander occupied India, the legends says that the King Alexander – great defeater of Macedonia was traumatized by the rage of the Indian King Puru on his first attempt, with this the Alexander’s wife who heard about the Rakhi festival went to the king Puru to tie a Rakhi.  The King Puru accepted her as his sister and he withdraw the war from the Alexander.

Rani Karnawati and Emperor Humayun

The story behind the Rani Karnawati and Emperor Humayun goes as follows

This story of Rani Karnawati and Emperor Humayun is most important and facts in the history. In the medieval period, when Rajputs were fighting with Muslim attack at the time Raki was a religious necessary and protection of sisters and it was primary.

When widowed queen Rani Karnawati the king of chittor apprehend that she could not protect the attack of the Sultan of Gujarat, Bahadur Shah at that time, she sent Rakhi to Emperor Humayun. Then the Emperor touched by the sign and he started off with his crowds without wasting time.

This all about History of Raksha Bandhan, so interesting right!!! Please share your suggestions with us below and stay tune in the next article we will discussed about how make Raki

Happy Rakshabandhan 2016

Importance of the Rakhi festival and the brother-sister bond

Raksha bandhan is a festival for symbol representing the relationship between sister and brother. Generally raksha bandan is a hindu festival but at present all the Indians will participate during this Raksha Bandhan all over the world. Raksha Bandhan celebrates the relationship of brother and sister and it will increase that relationship or love more by Raksha Bandhan.

If you can observe the word Raksha Bandhan then you can get two parts in it one is Raksha and another is Bandhan. Raksha means protection and Bandhan (Rakhi: the Thread of love) is the type of thread filled with love between the brother and sister.

The main importance of Raksha Bandhan is to maintain their relations and express their feelings. For to get confidence to his sister for protection, she can do anything but at any instant her needs only protection from financially and for healthy way the brother only give that guarantee and make her to happy , this confidence will ensure through Rakhi : the thread of love by brother to sister. That’s why this day is more special day for sister and brother also.

On the day of raksha bandhan, whole family will wake up early and wear new cloths after finishing head bath. Total family went to temple and prays to the god, the sister will tie the rakhi: the thread of love to the brother right hand side wrist. And the brother will give well blessing to his sister, and exchange the sweets and the rakhi gifts are exchanged by brother and sister this represents the symbol of love.

At the time of raksha bandhan family members get to gathers, dances, shopping, enjoyed by music and tasty foods these will give more enjoyable by family members as well as siblings this is the really mean of importance of Raksha Bandhan.

The rakhi gifts also most important thing to decide raksha bandhan day makes beautiful or upset. When buying Rakhi gifts to brother or sister it will necessary to take the care points, don’t repeat the previous gifts maximum try to buy new gifts and mostly buy the gift in a surprising way if you buy gifts like above manner then definitely the raksha Bandhan day is most memorable for you and your family.

Raksha Bandhan festival naturally started by the north and north-west side but this is the one of the biggest festival for all Indians across the world and mostly for brother and sister. History said that the Raksha bandhan comes previously from the different stories, the most familiar stories are by Karnavati, Humayum and Krishna, droupadi also we have different stories. But in any story the importance of Raksha Bandhan is to improve or prove the love between brother and sister.

So we proudly said that the raksha bandhan is a best and most popular festival in India and give more happiness to siblings and also to whole family so everyone must enjoy this festival with full of joy.

Happy Rakhshabhandhan 2016..!

How to celebrate Rakhi festival at Rakhi India?

Rakhi festival is the Hindu festival which is celebrated by everyone in all over India, this day is very special day for brother and sister not only siblings and also for who are feel friends like a siblings. The Raksha Bandhan festival naturally comes on the month of august and the day of full moon light means shravan on the first purnami on the month of august.

This festival is celebrated by the rakhi (thread of love) tie to wrist on her brother right hand side. The meaning of rakhi is the how much love between the sister and brother can be represented by this rakhi form and the brother should promise to his sister as a standing on the side of you for any sort of problems or any circumstances occur to you, this will give the more happiness to your sister.

The Rakhi festival special is the Raksha bandhan gifts the brother and sister should exchange their gifts by making that day beautiful and memorable by wonder full events at home. The celebration of rakhi festival is celebrated with raksha bandhan songs, raksha bandhan videos and Raksha bandhan gifts. These raksha bandhan songs and raksha bandhan videos are available at different music shops. By playing these videos and songs the whole family and relatives enjoyed by dancing and by making funny events.

The rakhi festival in India is celebrated with same emotions but the celebration is different manner in a regional wise, here we will give the details about the regional celebrations in India.

  1. Jammu: Raksha bandhan celebrated in a manner of kite festival the flying of different colors of kites will be started before one month of raksha bandhan.
  2. West Bengal and Odisha: Before celebrating the raksha bandhan they should prays to the lord Ram and Seeta, after visiting temple they only celebrate the raksha bandhan.
  3. Uttarakhand: Raksha bandhan celebrated by change their Janau threads.
  4. Maharashtra: The raksha bandhan in Maharashtra celebrated only after completing the sea – worship.
  5. Nepal: Here the festival is celebrated in a same manner of Uttarakhand.
  6. Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh: here the raksha bandhan is not celebrated apart that at the same day they will celebrate the festival of formers and mothers.
  7. Tamil Nadu, Kerala: Raksha bandhan day is the only festival for male members that to maximum Brahmins celebrate this day.
  8. Gujarat: Here people can celebrate the festival of pavitropana along with raksha bandan festival.

Like that all the Indians celebrate the festival of raksha bandhan may be some regions does not celebrate the raksha bandhan but the day of raksha bandhan they will celebrate another festival in a same manner or little different.

So in this way our Indian citizens will celebrate Rakhi festival throughout India all over the world. So you can also celebrate the rakhi festival in a more beautiful manner.

Happy Rakhshabhandhan 2016..!

Raksha Bandhan the Indian Festival

In India we celebrate the festivals with together of whole family members and if there any relatives the raksha bandhan also the same type of festival but it is filled with the affection and feelings these will give the information regarding the relationship between sister and brother. The raksha bandhan is celebrated with full of care, love and affection.

It is not an ordinary festival in raksha bandhan we are having celebrations, dance and music, gatherings, and have exchange of sweets and gifts. The raksha bandhan is the Indian festival which is initially start from the western and North region but now the world will try to follow this festival because of emotions, feelings and enjoyment in this raksha bandhan festival.


On the festival day sister prepares the rakhi thread and sweets and the whole family should be ware with new clothes. After praying the god the sister ties rakhi to his brother and he will give the blessings for happiness. And brother should be promise to his sister for standing behind the sister through all time.

The most attractive part in celebration of raksha bandhan is gift exchanging. In raksha bandhan celebrations the most difficult task is choosing the right or perfect gift to brother or sister you need to follow some tips for selecting rakhi gift for more memorable celebrations of raksha bandhan.

Tips for selecting rakhi gift:

  • Before selecting gift you have to clear idea about the style of your brother or your sister.
  • Before buying to gift you have to find either he or she are wait a long time for any gift or he or she want anything from long time onwards.
  • Don’t repeat the rakhi gift from previous gifts
  • Think in an innovative and creative manner.
  • He or she need to be surprised by looking your gift.
  • Avoid last minute shopping for choosing gift.

In raksha bandhan you need to give gifts your sister deserves means you need to provide financial protection and healthy protection to our sister.  The things you buy like watch, dress etc which make happy temporary they can’t provide long term happiness so here we inform four gifts your sister deserves.

  • Ensure her wishes get fulfilled
  • Ensure her financially independent
  • Gift for financial advisor
  • Ensure her financially secured

By giving these gifts to your sister then we promise to say that your sister feels like very lucky and feel happier for you are a brother to her. So give the long term happiness to your sister and enjoy the day with full of joy in dance, singing and gathering with relatives.

So this is how the way we celebrate raksha bandhan in India, actually in India we have different names of raksha bandhan in different places but the celebrating ways are same and feelings are same. so finally celebrate the festival with full of happiness and make the life beautiful and by this festival in India the relationship will be doubled.

Raksha Bandhan is a day to Celebrate the most lovable & Unconditional relation of a brother and a sister

We all well know and proved India is most sentimental country compared to the other countries, yes India is a sentimental country because here there is a emotions, love, feelings to the people these will improve the humanity in a person or in a country. We will proudly say that India has a number one position for giving values to the relationship. If you want to prove this then simply show are known about the how to do festival of Raksha Bandhan and why we are celebrating it, here I will give the idea or information regarding the celebration of Raksha bandhan.

Raksha Bandhan is a festival to celebrate the world best relationship after mother is a sister and brother. In between these two there is one type of bonding like a magnetic attraction given by god we don’t have any word to express this relation maybe that’s why we call an unconditional relation of a brother and a sister. We definitely need to celebrate this lovable relationship in most memorable way.


Before coming this festival brother and sister start to think how to celebrate the festival. In brother mind which type of gift given to the sister and how to give the beautiful Raksha Bandhan greetings to sister like that he think. And in Sister thought that when I go to shopping and which type of Raksha Bandhan gift for brother want to take like that her feels, these all feelings really very memorable but one thing the Raksha Bandhan is not only for sister and brother relationship, it is the feeling you can celebrate with anyone who you feel he is your brother or who you feel she is your sister.

Where the distance between the sister and brother they will feel very deeply but the relationship will be increased double by celebrating Raksha bandhan. The beautiful Raksha Bandhan greetings can be sent by the brother and sister by mail or sms or internet messages. And the sister will send the Raksha bandhan gift for brother by making different shops for new dresses and different rakhi gifts.

Raksha Bandhan celebrated in a most traditional manner, on the day of festival everyone in family ware the new clothes. And after completion of blessings of god, the sister gives arti to brother and brother give heart full blessings to sister and he promise to take care of her and at any circumstances he don’t live his sister. And sister will give the sweet to the brother heartedly and finally whole family enjoyed that day in a memorable way by making tasty foods, get to gathers, enjoy by music and depending on family they will enjoy.

Like that we will celebrate this festival and we will increase our relationship double, triple or countless we can’t calculate the relationship between sister and brother. By celebrating raksha bandhan we can express our feelings and emotions and live happily with beautiful family.


Raksha Bandhan is the most popular festival which is celebrated by the relationship of brother and sister not necessary for blood relationship you can celebrate this festival with who you feel like your sister or your brother. The un removable bond already formed by the god but this relationship will be more strengthened at the day of Raksha bandhan in a way of rakhi thread this rakhi thread ties around the wrist of her brother and this represents the symbol of relationship, affection, love between brother and sister.

Rakhi is look like very simple and very tradition but it is fill up with full of emotions, feelings, sentiments, enjoyment, love not a single word to express rakhi festival, we don’t know what happened to inside but feel very happy in that day. The Raksha Bandhan is a real festival to create happiness to the brother and sister along with whole family.


This Raksha Bandhan celebrated on every year in the month of August, the day of Shravan Purnami in August allotted as Raksha Bandhan.

How to celebrate?

  • At early morning on the wake up of Raksha Bandhan day everyone in the family should wares the new cloths after completing head bath.
  • Sister will start the pray to god at morning and after completing puja sister give arti to her brother.
  • Brother gives heart full greetings to his sister for happiness and also do promise to her for protection wise financially as well as healthy.
  • Sister ties a rakhi thread to on her brother right hand wrist along with sweet will exchanged in between.
  • And finally they exchange the rakhi gifts for bonding their relation with more strong. Actually the rakhi gift ideas for brother and rakhi gift ideas for sister in mind are different, but any type of rakhi gift should strengthen their relation.

 Rakhi gift ideas for brother:

The ideas when selecting rakhi gift to his sister need to create long time happiness to sister, if you are giving like dresses, wallet and watch etc they will give temporary happiness not creating long time happiness so you should give the gifts like financial protection and health protection. Think in a smarter way when selecting gift and try to make that day to most memorable to your sister.

Rakhi gift ideas for sister:

To select the rakhi gift to brother you need to follow the brother mentality and you should find that anything he try to buy from long time. If you give more surprise to your brother in a gift way then you will have more lovable one by your brother. Don’t repeat the previous gifts and surprise try to make new and think smarter way, of course  there is no need to tell the shopping tips to ladies they are special experts in shopping.

So like that the brother and sister celebrate rakhi festival in India along with family and make his or her relations more strong by celebrating this beautiful festival.